Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skyfall Overtakes The Dark Knight Rises

With $1.093 billion in tickets sold, Skyfall has now officially overtaken The Dark Knight Rises' global gross ($1.081 billion), perhaps the last significant milestone this highest-grossing Bond film of all time will reach. The movie's release on home video, after all, is scheduled for next Tuesday - a mere three and a half months after its opening in Britain.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if there is still enough power in the remaining markets to push Skyfall past LOTR and Transformer. See forward to the discussion.

Nader said...

It's not impossible, but I'd say the chances are slim; recent weeks have seen the film's gross go up by shrinking increments, with the last big untapped market, China, already making its contribution. And the DVD release next week makes the fact that the window is closing fast all the clearer.

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