Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Russian Box Office, 2013

While rather smaller than China's, the Russian film market has nonetheless attracted increasing attention in the entertainment press.

In contrast with the case in many East Asian markets in recent years, American film remains a long way from being crowded out by domestic production at the country's theaters. In 2013, seven of the top ten, and fifteen of the top twenty, earners were Hollywood imports (which seems to be about the average as of late).

Still, it is worth noting that the number one spot belonged to a Russian film, Stalingrad, which was also the highest-grossing release in Russia since the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie back in 2011. The film is also notable for being the first Russian (and for that matter, non-American) release in IMAX or IMAX 3-D, and its also enjoying a relatively high profile abroad (picking up another $11 million in China)--and along with productions like the 2009's superhero movie Black Lightning, and 2010's Burnt by the Sun 2 (which has been called a Stalinist Michael Bay film), one cannot assume other film industries will forever leave Hollywood its longstanding monopoly on the megabudgeted international blockbuster.

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