Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Most-Read Post Ever

My post from last year, "Filming John le Carré's The Honourable Schoolboy," has become this blog's most visited by a fair margin, and has continued to receive much more traffic than any other item here, suggesting this will remain the case for quite some time to come.

To go by those numbers, and the key words leading readers to it, this suggests quite a number of people curious about the prospects for a big screen adaptation of the novel.

This seems a bit ironic given that one of my main arguments in that article about the obstacles in the way of such a production was the limited built-in audience. Still, I don't think I was wrong in my assessment.

Interestingly, my other most-read posts had to do with the very different Dirk Pitt series of novels, and their big-screen adaptations, and the reasons why we are unlikely to see Pitt back on screen anytime soon.

So I find myself wondering, readers, what other projects looking like extreme longshots for filming, or simply stuck in "development hell," intrigue you?

Probably Not Coming to a Theater Near You

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