Saturday, October 25, 2008

About This Blog

Raritania is, of course, my (Nader Elhefnawy's) personal blog, at which I write about science fiction in particular, and contemporary culture more broadly. In addition this blog is intended to provide convenient access to my off-site publications about these subjects, most of which are directly linkable from the "Selected Publications (Nonfiction)" page on this site. (Those interested in my writing on the subjects of international studies, security and space should follow this link to my other blog, which is devoted to those concerns.)

This blog also endeavors to provide visitors with a convenient location from which to access the larger world of science fiction (broadly defined) across the media spectrum, extending from a handy round-up of recent news in the blog list and Google News feed, to comprehensive listings of links to everything from author pages, to online archives of free fiction, to reviews of content from short stories to the latest in video and computer gaming.

While I regard this whole site as perpetually a work in progress, this is especially the case with that portion of the blog, and suggestions and feedback are welcome. General comments about the site, including your thoughts on what you would like to see on this blog, may be posted here.

NOTE: Readers should note, however, that I am not responsible for the content of linked sites, and that the presence of those links on the page does not constitute an endorsement of those resources.

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